Available courses

Introduction to Coastal and Maritime Tourism

The purpose of the course is to provide an understanding of the fundamental issues of Coastal and Marine Tourism. This course is an informative starter pack of the sector and its key issues. 

Coastal and Maritime Tourism Sustainability Management

The purpose of this course is to develop competencies of transdisciplinary sustainable management in coastal and maritime tourism organizations. 

Coastal and Maritime Destination Design

The purpose of this thematic course is to develop applicable, coastal and maritime tourism sector-specific knowledge, skills and competencies for designing and managing sustainable destinations. 

Designing Blue Experiences in Coastal Maritime Tourism

The purpose of the course is to provide knowledge of tools for designing coastal tourism products, to develop the ability to identify and exploit business opportunities, and to create value by using blue resource in an innovative way. This thematic course provides skills to find creative sustainable solutions for the development of one’s business in the coastal tourism sector and is able to apply the principles of design thinking in designing blue experiences.